Book Recommendations

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

I originally opted for this because when I find out the author reads their own book, it adds a rich dimension to the listen.

If the author is ALSO Matthew McConnaghey, you know you’ll love that voice, aright aright aright?

His stories filled my imagination like gas out of a leaking propane tank.  Raw, snippy, sometimes hurtful.  It’s amazing he plays refined characters in movies; then again, maybe that’s why he does.  It may provide an escape from how he was brought up.

His vignettes highlighted to me that he has had to act all his life.  Nobody would seek out a life like the one he had.

Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

Read it if you’d like to osmose some perseverance.

DO NOT READ/LISTEN if your commute is peaceful already.  His voice makes the listen a lullaby.  A lullaby akin to “Go the F* to Sleep,” by Samuel L. Jackson, but a lullaby nonetheless.

Overall, though, it’s a green light. Go for it. Greenlight.

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