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“Varina” by Charles Frazier

Varina Howell was the legendary wife of General Jeff Davis, the Confederate General.  Yet in what was an intriguing, albeit sad time in American history, this author obliterated what could have been a well-written historical fiction story.

I’d say this book moved as slowly as mud down the James River.

“Varina” by Charles Frazier

When I first saw this come up in an algorithm as a book I’d like, I was ecstatic. After all, “I, Eliza Hamilton,” and “The Traitor’s Wife” were nonstop action, as the lives of these women of the Revolution were as well.

How does an author conscionably slaughter the life of someone who went down in history already ashamed?  I believe regardless of evil or not evil, there is always a human side to any story. 

This author failed to show it.

Instead, the author made her life one dimensional: defined only by her husband. 

The story construction was shaky, as well.  It started without footing and continued as such.

Stick your time and money in a future writing of this woman’s life.  I look forward to another author’s attempt to expand the life of Varina Howell.


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