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Marie Kondo and Cleaning

Marie Kondo has finally launched herself into the TV world.  Her book, The Magic of Tidying Up, is now a Netflix series called, “Tidying Up.”

Her book details how she goes through clients’ belongings and helps them decide what to keep and what to toss.  She even details HOW to toss them.  And she also gives her method a name: the Konmari method.  Spoiler alert: that’s actually her last name and her first name efficiencied.  Ha! I love that even her name takes up less space.

Moving on.

I once spent money for someone to help me clean out my closet.  It was a massive closet, the biggest I’ve ever had; however, because I was able to store so many items, I could not find most of them!  The irony hit me hard.

So, watching this show brings back those memories.  After my organizer helped me straighten and kiss my old t-shirts goodbye, I started each morning with a clean slate, and glee in my heart.  I started mornings by opening up my closet doors and thinking, “Ahhh, my life is in order.”

It had an effect on me that continued throughout my home, and pretty soon nearly every room (except the kitchen) had been cleaned out.  I don’t touch the kitchen.  It overwhelms me.  Maybe when I grow up, I’ll be able to try…

Anyway, I want that feeling again.  The show has me thinking about all the other things that can be cleaned out of my life. Here’s some ideas of where this idea has taken me:

  • electronics – old, annoying, or just the ones that impede our living
  • friend lists – the people who have the effect of filling our lives with drama.  “Thank you” and into the pile you go – it’s time you gave yourself room to grow.
  • garage – boy howdy, that is where we store our old lives.  I wonder how much freer we would feel if we stopped carrying that around!  For example, I probably don’t need 12 mementos of my wedding, and I’m sure I’d rather spend the time loving my husband than organizing and reorganizing what I have about that day.
  • ideas.


YES – the queen of ideas just said to Konmari your ideas.  For real!  Imagine how much fresher you would feel if you put your ideas all in a pile, and only picked out the ones that STILL give you joy!?  By all means, record them all first, but put the ones that don’t give you joy on Evernote or something.  There is no need to have those occupy your vibrant part of your brain.

This is my Konmari list for now.  I’d love to hear yours.  Leave a comment below.

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