Book Recommendations

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

I hate to say it, but this was a book I could not put down.  Why do I hate to say that?
Because this story was one of anguish, destruction, and abuse.
And for that, I am sad I couldn’t put it down.  I wondered if that makes me a gory person.

I have to explain myself.  This is not the same as not being able to turn away from a small crash. Or being glued to awful images on the TV.

This was a case of actively reading in shock. 

The Story Itself

The story follows young women through the rise of the Taliban and civil unrest in Afghanistan.  What’s shocking, though, is the conditions they face even before the political violence.  The conditions and absolutes leave these women in poverty, sure, but with no hope of freedom.

I was full of hope for the main characters in this book, and hoping that at every page, one of them would succeed in escaping their circumstances.

The flickering light that peeks through the story is the bonding of those who experience these conditions together. Sadly, it’s the rampant destruction that forces them together.  A deep and slow growing love is what tries to make its way to the top, and you find yourself rooting for every underdog.

Stop what you’re doing. Pick it up. Designate a day or two to read it front to back. You have no choice -it will absolutely reel you in! 

I’m hoping by my giving you a heads up, you can get your affairs in order first.  My house will take days to recover, and I can’t even remember if I ate meals.

Oh, and if you’re reading this in America, this will show you what you never knew you had. Not only that, it will develop your sense of sympathy at a deeper level. I bargain it will motivate some of you to DO something, too.

Last thing I have to mention: did you read Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner”? If so, you will love this even more. Yes, I rate this higher than The Kite Runner.

Grab yours here:

Side Note

I spent some time growing up in Lahore, Pakistan.  It makes an appearance in this book, which was fun; of course, the circumstances of it were not.  

And it has brought up a lot of odd memories. For example, here is a fascinating road sign on my family’s “spring break” in 1992. Not your typical destinations. Do you recognize any cities on this?

This picture shows the landscape in Northern Pakistan. We were headed toward the border with China, via Besham.

 I wrote a story about my trip as a high schooler but it might be time for a blog post.

Think I should do it? Comment below.

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