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The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

If you’ve worked with any volume of new employees, you know there is always a confidence crisis their first few weeks on the job. This is why a good training system is essential: to help new hires thrive as soon as possible.

According to these authors and statistics, however, the confidence crisis with women runs deep.  If you have a training position in your company, or you are the parent of little women, this book is a must. 

What’s at Stake

In “The Confidence Code,” the authors test their theory and statistics, then they endeavor to explore why this issue exists in one of the most women-empowered nations in the world.

Ironically, they found that much of this crisis stems from success in the classroom.  As they say, there [in the classroom]

“…we learn that we are most valuable and most in favor when we do things the right way: neatly and quietly.
We begin to crave the approval we get for being good….
The result is that making mistakes, and taking risks, behavior critical to confidence building, is also behavior girls try to avoid, to their detriment.”

(Kay, Shipman, the confidence code, harberbusiness, 2018, p.88)

According to Kay and Shipman, women most at most risk are those who thrived in the educational environment: women are crushed when the pivot “from classroom to cubicle” is not an easy one. 

The same reward for good spelling and perfect grammar, for example, does not exist.  Instead, other traits are rewarded in the workforce.

Results & Application

The result is a crippling of a major segment of our society. I see this every day, although I wish I didn’t. As a trainer, a major component of my job is in confidence building. 

Luckily, I enjoy helping others see their potential, but I also see that new onboards could succeed much faster if they already had their confidence intact. 

Therefore, I eagerly digested the last half of this book: their subsequent research on hope. Read this for yourself, as you’ll enjoy how they designed tests and borrowed wisdom to present a way ahead. 

So many eye opening studies! I had to save all of them for future reference.

I’m not sure I’ve seen numbers presented in such an exciting way since my mortgage refinancing. 

For those of us who love self-help books, I’ll leave this as your carrot: there is hope for those who choose it.

And for those of us who are trainers, or parents and guardians, this means renewed fervor to find trainings that help people grow beyond their beliefs.

“The Confidence Code” is worth every minute. Go and read! Be empowered to help others.

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Also, this is a great place to reference one of my favorite TED Talks of all time, by Reshma Saujani. This was the first time I was exposed to this concept, and she does the subject MUCH justice. Watch it embedded below, or click here:

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