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Searching for Sylvie Lee by Jean Kwok

First, let me share that I am super excited about hosting my book club for this one.

I have about 3 days to get my act together and purchase cookies relevant to The Netherlands, China, bikes, and NYC.  I can’t wait.

Second, this is a must for any ex-pat.  For anyone who has lived in another country other than the one they claim their nationality, or are starting to claim their nationality in their adopted country, the characters will resonate with the feelings you could not put into words.

Third, the story is riveting.  Jean Kwok weaves a story that becomes relevant even to those who may not share similar experiences.  That, to me, is the hallmark of a good story. 

In “Searching for Sylvie Lee” we are led through several months of mystery.  Sylvie’s sister and mother tell the story from their point of view, while Sylvie pipes in as well. 

In some books, this means the reader will be flipping back and forth to remember which narrative and what time it is.  This was NOT difficult to keep up with – and you know that’s masterful! 

At play in this story are sibling love, parental favor, romantic interest, the immigrant and migrant experience, and cultural dilemmas for women who are successful. Yes, there’s something here for EVERYONE. Plus, the conflicts in perception are key in determining the mystery of Sylvie Lee. 

In fact, we find that “finding” the title character is both literal and figurative.  And the reader will enjoy both searches.

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